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Go Skateboarding day 2020

Go Skateboarding day 2020 had a rather mix reaction.

Its August 2020 and Go skate day was in June. Then, the question is..why are we posting this post now?

Well, we all are in a middle of a freaking Pandemic right now. It has effected everyone of us. So there is nothing much we can do, except to stay safe and bring positiveness around us. This is exactly what we are doing with our post.

In 2019, Go skate day was held in Guwahati for the first time ever. We had a good time with many skateboarders coming together from across NorthEast India. However, this time around Go skateboarding Day 2020 had less participants due to the Pandemic and only few of us could manage to meet up and shredded together in the middle of this freaking pandemic.

go skateboarding day 2020
Maligoan Skate Park | Guwahati

In June it was more strict and the spread of virus was at its peak. However, we were lucky that only few days ago Guwahati city lockdown was lifted and we all could meet up.

Starting the day:

Like I said we were only few of us, so we started off in the Roller Skate ring in Panjabari, Guwahati and had some sessions under the summer heat and sweated like crazy. Initially we had planned to gather in Maligoan Skate park, but it was too far so we decided to meet up here instead.

go skateboarding day 2020
Roller Skate Ring | Panjabari, Guwahati

As the day went passed by and after drinking gallons of water to keep us dehydrated, we all finally decided what heck.. lets all go to the skatepark.

So we all packed our things and headed straight to the skatepark, its about 20kms away from our current location.

Maligoan Skate Park:

The skatepark is located inside a sports complex owned by Railway Authority of India. It has a football and track field, a indoor stadium, swimming pool, lawn tennis court and the newly build skatepark by 100 ramps. Awesome dudes this company is making skatepak across India. If you want to know about them then click HERE.

Maligoan Skate Park | Maligoan, Guwahati

When we arrived it was like a ghost town, we didnt see anyone. So, we sneaked in and started our session. So far so good and we were having a good time then, suddenly the security came and shouted at us saying who gave us the permission to enter.

We tried to explain about the go skateboarding day, but he didnt care about it and told us that the sports complex is assigned as the quarantine center by the government and we have to leave immediately.

We had no choice but to leave. Its a freaking quarantine center !!!

So, thats it… this is all we could do on Go skateboarding day 2020. After coming out from the skatepark, we had lunch and headed back to our homes.

It was sad we couldnt have more session time in the skatepark, but it is what it is. The freaking pandemic!!

So to summed it up, although only few of us managed to meet up, and we didnt get to skate much at the skatepark, however on a positive note we did observed Go skateboarding day 2020 in the middle of a pandemic and thats all what it matters. Never Give Up.

We hope things will be better in coming days, months and hoping to move forward again like the old times.

Below is the video of Go skateboarding day 2020! Enjoy.

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