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Drops Skateboarding | The Beginning

drops skateboarding

Drops Skateboarding is a dream to nurture and develop Indian Skateboarders in coming years.

Just when we were setting up a team the pandemic stuck and everything is at standstill.

Drops Skateboarding| The Beginning

However, We will never give up. Things are looking at little better now. Thanks to all the front line workers and medical teams who are tirelessly working.

So Drops Skateboarding is all about the culture and promoting skateboarding in India. Its been 1 year and half year now that we are trying to connect with skateboarding community in India and abroad.

In skateboarding world India has long way to go and we believe one step at a time will surely make a large skateboarding community in India.

We are doing our part in every way it is possible, whether it is organizing an event, or taking part, promoting a promising skateboarder, and even conducting small competitions.

Last year we celebrated Go Skateboarding day 2019 in Guwahati. It was the first of its kind to ever organize an event like this.

Almost all the talented and regular skateboarders took part in the event and it was a grant success.

The event was initiated by Hucko skateboard from Tripura and many teams like, Skatexide from Kokhrajar, Drops, Skate Tripura and others came together to spread culture and bring all the people closer to the NE skateboarding community.

Go Skateboarding day 2019 video clip.

This year we are all stuck due to the pandemic. However few of us came together and celebrated Go Skateboarding day 2020.

Below is the clip from Go Skateboarding Day 2020

Although only few of us were came up to celebrate Go skateboarding day, we all had a wonderful time. Started off to a new location in the city, a place build by the roller skate guys. But it was perfect for us.

Then, we went to the Maligoan skate park and later the Guard came and told us to go. Why? the place was a quarantine center and we didn’t even realize. Luckily, we were able to spend about an hour there and aheaded for lunch.

Over we had a good time and thats all it matters.

At the moment Drops is going under a massive change. Obviously needed to adapt to the situations we are all in. We are pivoting little bit but we excited for the days.

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Keep shredding hard and Never Give Up.

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