You are currently viewing Hatchman the egg and Drops: The story Behind.

Hatchman the egg and Drops: The story Behind.

Hatchman the egg and Drops: The story behind hatchman the egg and drops goes back to when Drops was evolving from a custom t-shirt manufacturing.


Our founder Ricky studied Fashion after getting a scholarship to study in Singapore’s prestigious arts college Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2007, right after graduating his BA honors degree from Delhi University. He worked in Singapore before returning back to India in 2016 to start a custom studio house offering high quality t-shirts and activewear.

His core background in Branding, quality control, pattern making, understanding the fashion taste, and staying up-float with the trends around the globe gave birth to Drops Apparel in early Spring 2019.

Hatchman the egg:

early hatchman
Early Hatchman

The early Hatchman: Our Hatchman was hatched from an egg thus giving us new hope and to a whole new meaning to Born Again.

We were born again to spread love, peace and to NEVER GIVE UP.

Grown up hatchman

hatchman the egg

The GrownUp Hatchman: Hatchman the egg is now a grown up. Doing all shorts of creative things and learning as he goes.

We use both our Hatchman logo in our graphics to remind us of our existence,and how we have evolved to a new Born Again.

Hatchman the egg is a character of Drops where he is evolving.

Never Give UP


Drops is focus on our skateboarding and BMX community. We support new skateboarders, sponsor and nurture them. Check out our videos here

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