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Why T-shirt screen printing is still used?

Why T-shirt screen printing is still used?

Well for that we have to understand a brief history about screen printing and how it became popular in t-shirt industry.


According to wikipedia screen printing dates back to Song Dynasty in China somewhere around 960 AD and it was thus introduced to rest of the world. It became popular after famous artiste Andy Warhol one of the most popular and influential artiste of contemporary art introduce screen printing in a totally artistic way.

Silk Screen printing, Source:

Now a days we see so many amazing t-shirt prints around us. Well most of them are screen printed. However, Direct to Garment (DTG) or digital prints are making its way and has given serious run for money to screen printing industry. Having said that digital prints or DTG are way too expensive, both in maintenance and production cost if you are running a t-shirt printing business and also atleast for now screen printing will still continue to dominate.

If you are an artiste, you should definitely opt for screen print to print your designs. Why? Well for obvious reason, there is joy and satisfaction to see your work by making your hands dirty and thats what Andy Warhol, Kaws and many more artiste does. Also you can have indepth understanding of printing and it will help you to become a better and improved designer or an artist.

Below are some of the cool works screen printed by us.

  • t-shirt screen print
  • t-shirt screen printing
  • t-shirt screen printing

This is how we screen print our designs.

To conclude:

So you can see above few of our works and in coming days we will be coming out with exciting designs not only to be printed on t-shirts but also in our other products.

T-shirt screen printing is not going any where soon. So if you are thinking to to know and understand how to screen print, we would suggest you to stay tune in to our blogs. We will be doing a series of tutorials on Screen Printing for beginners.

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